UHF RFID In Louis Vuitton Luxury Retailing

If you go to France, you may likely to purchase luxuries such as handbags, clothing, wrist watch etc. In one luxury store there are hundreds of bags and other items. To achieve a more accurate and intelligent inventory management for luxury products, the client requires a handheld computer with UHF linear feature that can read tags accurately in long distance.
  • A wide range of categories and fast stock turnover makes old manual inventory tracking time-consuming, labor-costing and error-prone.
  • Retailing administrators have no real-time access to sales flow and inventory data. They are unable to make a quick response to the changing market.
  • Inaccurate inventory tracking easily brings obstacle in store management.
Each handbag is wrapped around a UHF tag, which is encoded with that item's unique ID number.
Store employees use Chainway C4050 UHF handheld computer to capture that information in inventory tracking, and sends the results wirelessly to the store’s server. Any inventory changes can also be updated in real time.
  • Intelligent inventory tracking improves efficiency. Store employees have more time and energy to interact with customers. In the end, a better customer service is provided.
  • Real-time visibility of inventory data promotes the management level of the store.
  • Real-time inventory data is transmitted wirelessly to the backend server to be analyzed so that store owners can make promotion strategies and stock preparation based on the analysis.